Hello! My name is Matt Wadsworth and I play the lute and theorbo all over the world. I started life as a classical guitarist, but also played electric guitar in my teens, before switching to lute at the Royal Academy of Music.

There was no system of Braille lute tablature, so I developed my own, with the help of scholar Tim Crawford.

I have been using my lute tab system since the mid 90s, and decided to make a guitar tab version, as there are many more blind guitarists than lute players.

With the many advancements in screen reader technology, and the high barrier to entry with Braille, I have adapted my system to be completely intelligible when using a screen reader. You can of course send it to a Braille embosser.

There are litterally millions of tab files on the web, which until now, have been inaccessible to visually impaired musicians.

With Talking Tab, you simply upload a Guitarpro file to our website, and press the Convert button.

It is free to use, and there is nothing to download or install.

Talking Tab is a collaboration between Matt Wadsworth and Rob Gravelle, and was made possible by generous funding from the Elizabeth Eagle-Bott memorial fund in the UK.

Matt Wadsworth, Founder
matt (@) matthewwadsworth.com

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